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What we're all about..


PanUp SteelBand is a family based band located within the East Coast, Hastings.

We cater for every occasion or themed event which may need a magic touch of sweet Steel Pan Music..

This could be a range from a duo, trio for background music to a full on band set up to get the crowd's attention!

We take pride sharing high levels of inspiration to other fellow musicians or those who seek a music dream..

We take song requests for private events for that personal touch.

Please feel free to message us to find out what we can do to make your occasion complete.


Why Us?

PanUp SteelBand is a accredited SteelBand by the British Association of Steelbands (BAS)

Interesting Thoughts

Most of our players have played for national Bands in the Champions of Steel Competition called Panorama.

The Players have played in the Uk, Europe and in the home of Steel Pans - Trinidad and Tobago

We work closely with Charities, like the Variety Club of Great Britain, where we played live on ArrowFM Radio to advertise the event and supported them through the rest of the day.

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